Terms & Conditions 


1. Creative Edge VA Ltd shall keep any work undertaken confidential and not use it for personal gain or promotion without written consent of the Client.
2.  The business affairs of the Client shall not be discussed or disclosed to any third parties,
3. The Client will be the legal owner and will hold intellectual copyright of all work undertaken by Creative Edge VA Ltd.
4. All images supplied by the Client remain their responsibility, with regards to obtaining rights for use.


1. Initial consultation by Creative Edge VA Ltd is complimentary.
2. Final proof reading and checking of all work supplied is the responsibility of the Client.
3. The Client understands Creative Edge VA Ltd estimated time and cost for completing the work is an informal calculation and that any adjustments to the amount of work, schedule and/or the number of hours and fees is subject to review and renegotiation with the Client when necessary.
4. Any errors must be reported within two (2) days of receipt of completed work. Errors generated by Creative Edge VA Ltd will be rectified free of charge, but amendments or alternations requested by the client thereafter will be charged at the standard hourly rate.
5. If, however, on receipt of the item to be worked on or during the early stages, it becomes apparent that significantly more work is required than had been anticipated in the preliminary consultation, Creative Edge VA Ltd may renegotiate the fee and /or the deadline.
6. Similarly, if, during the term of the work, additional tasks are requested by the Client, Creative Edge VA Ltd may renegotiate the fee and/or the deadline.
7. Should ongoing project work be suspended or delayed through any fault of the client, Creative Edge VA Ltd shall be entitled to immediate payment of work already carried out and any expenses incurred.
8. An agreement, in writing or by email, of a set number of hours per week or month may not be carried over to subsequent periods by the client, without prior written agreement from both parties. All retainer monthly package hours are to be used within 30 days of payment unless it has been agreed in advance.
9. Retainer monthly packages are to be paid in advance, thereafter, will be invoiced each month on the 25th of each month with payment to be made no later than the 1st of each month. These packages are designed to provide regular monthly support and you must provide 30 days’ notice to quit. If any extra hours are required from the 25th of month through to the end of the month, if you happen to go over your allocated hours then these will be charged on the following months’ invoice.
10. For all hourly rated monthly packages, a time report will be sent out at the end of each month plus on request at any point during the month.
11. If the project is based on an hourly rate, then a minimum invoice amount is for one hour and thereafter the hourly rate is billed in increments of 15 minutes, with time rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.
12. Clients will be invoiced on completion of individual assignments or an ongoing monthly basis for larger assignments.

 13. New Clients will be invoiced in advance of the commencement of any work undertaken, subsequent work will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month. Packages will be invoiced in advance of work; monthly packages will be invoiced each month in advance.
14. Payment is to be made within ten (10) days of assignment completion unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing. Billable time (which includes meetings, calls outside of contracted hours, the writing and/or reading of correspondence via email or mail), reimbursable expenses and any other fees relating to the work will be included in the final invoice.
15. If the client requests to pay via debit/credit card, please request this before an invoice is raised and be aware a fee of 3% will be added to your invoice to cover the costs occurred by this method of payment.
16. All postage, printing and other stationery expenses bought on behalf of the client’s business will be added to the invoice for reimbursement.
17. A time report will be provided with the invoice unless the client requests otherwise.
18. Payment is to be made by bank transfer; payment details will be detailed on the invoice.
19. Once an invoice becomes overdue, no further work will be undertaken.
20. Unpaid invoices will incur interest, as per government guidelines.
21. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 / GDPR, the Client and
Creative Edge VA Ltd may keep on record such information (e.g. contact details) as is necessary. Either parties may view the other’s records to ensure that they are relevant, correct and up to date.
22. The Client or
Creative Edge VA Ltd has at any time the right to terminate the contract if they feel there has been a serious breach of the terms and conditions.
23. All rates will be reviewed each April.


1. To conduct your business affairs in a professional manner and avoid behaviour that could bring your business and reputation into disrepute.
2. To conduct my business affairs based on sound, ethical principles and will communicate fairly and honestly with your clients, associates, employees, and suppliers.
3. To make an honest representation of my skills, experience, and qualifications at all times.
4. To respect the confidentiality of your personal and business practices and recognise your ownership of intellectual copyright pertaining to your business activities.
5. To keep all acquired personal data safe and secure and ensure it is only used for its intended purpose, in accordance with GDPR.

My terms and conditions may be updated at any time to suit the demands of business. 

Amended: September 2021