I imagine that some of you reading this,

may well be thinking what on earth is Dubsado?

Well, let me explain....

Dubsado is a business management tool designed to streamline

your onboarding and offboarding procedures with automation whilst giving your clients a more

first class experience.

With this amazing all-in-one business tool, you will be able to send contracts out for signature, invoices, handle project management, create questionnaires and other forms, manage your bookkeeping, track your time,

send and receive emails and so much more.....

So if you are tired of copying and pasting emails every time you get a new client or  do you use several different platforms for each part of the process which means you struggle to keep track of where each client is in that process

or  do you just always seem to miss some important information out,

then Dubsado is definitely the tool for you.

Who will benefit from using this?

Virtual Assistant & OBMs



Graphic Designers


Brand & Web Designers


Interior Designers


No more..........

Worrying whether you have sent that all important contract or panicking about whether you have sent the invoice.

Spending time writing the same email for the thousandth time.

Paying for many different platforms.

Struggling to remember every step in the process or where you are at in the process.

With my Full Set up

you will have more time to take on more clients and grow your business.

You will have less things on your to-do list so less things to forget about!

You clients will be impressed by your VIP onboarding process so they will shout about you to their friends.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

I'll set up your Dubsado so it is branded and optimised

to have an automated and streamlined onboarding process

that will WOW your clients.

Dubsado FULL

Set Up Package includes:

 Lead Capture Form

Appointment Schedulers set up for your Discovery/Consultation Call &

Client Catch Up Calls. 

Loom videos to help you integrate your Calendar & Zoom. 

Personalise up to 30 canned emails.

Add a stunning email signature.

 Branding and Canva designed proposals/forms/welcome packs/questionnaires to WOW your clients.

 Up to three Workflows.

Client Portal set up and branding

 Add all your services and packages.

 Canva templates so if you need to add a new document in the future you can.

 Loom video instructions.

 20 days support whilst you get use to your new system. 


All this for the amazing price of


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Branding Package

Would you love your documents to look amazing in Dubsado?

Send me over your branding colours / fonts and logos and I will give your documents the VIP treatment.

Plus provide you with some Canva templates for any future documents.

All for a one-off payment of



** with a limit of 6 documents, I will provide the template for you to add to any other documents plus send over a loom video to show you how to do it yourself


Have you set up your Dubsado account but are stuck on your workflows.


Add a Workflow for 


Ongoing Maintenance

Need ongoing support to keep your account running smoothly,

or need one-off assistance, or just need help doing some data entry within your account then please do get in touch for a 

customised quote.

Prices will be from £35 p/h depending on your needs


The Process

Planning Call

This will be a one to two hour Zoom Call together, where we discuss your entire client process.

It is in this call where we can identify your client process and all the content you require to build your workflow and visually map out your workflow.


Branding of all your documents such as proposals, questionnaires, and contracts.

Using your branding colours, fonts and logo, I will create bespoke Canva templates to make your clients feel like they are receiving a First Class experience.

You will have sent me your branding information along with the content for your documents prior to this stage

Canned Emails

You will have provided me with your content and I will then type up all your canned emails to the the total of 30.


Create a Discovery/Consultation Call scheduler plus one other scheduler.

Provide you with a Loom video to show you how to connect your calendar and zoom to your account.

Build your Workflow

Build your workflow to the finalised mapped process we built during our Planning Call.

Up to 3 workflows can be built.


Throughout the process, I will video instructions to help your understand your system.


Providing 20 days of support to help you whilst you are getting use to your new system


Upfront in full prior to the Planning Call


Pay 50% of the balance in advance of our Planning Call

with the remaining balance at the time of content input (Canned Email Step)

Want to know more, Email me