Benefits Dubsado brings to your Business

Updated: Apr 8

Benefits Dubsado brings to your Business

Recently I have changed my services slightly, with one of my new services being Dubsado Set up, one of the reasons I wanted to offer this as a services is due to how using Dubsado has made such a difference to my business. Before I found onboarding a client so time consuming plus I was using so many difference platforms, and forever struggling to remember if I had sent out all the information I needed. It was a mess to be honest, so I wanted to find something where I could do it all within one platform, that's when I found Dubsado. So I though I would let you know why I love Dubsado and why I think it would help your business too.

Let me explain what Dubsado is

I say the name Dubsado to some people and I get a blank stare back because they are wondering.. what on earth is she talking about LOL so I will start by explaining a bit about it.

Dubsado is basically a business management platform, a CRM (Client Relationship Management) program. It gives you the power to manage projects, build client relationships, schedule appointments, invoice and create workflows to automate the entire client process and you can do this all in the one program, great eh..

This is what sold the platform to me because I was looking for one system to help me capture leads, build my packages, send out proposals and onboard my clients. I was sick of having to pay for loads of different platforms to give my clients a first class professional experience. Plus, I was finding onboarding clients so time consuming, I was having to do it in the evening or the weekend so I had to make a change.

Lead Capturing.

This was something that I struggled to keep track of prior to using Dubsado, but now it is super easy.

Now I have lead capture forms attached to my schedulers so when a potential client books in my scheduler they complete my lead capture form which will then create a client record in my Dubsado account, which is super brilliant.

Branding your account.

You can make your forms, documents look truly amazing in Dubsado, I cannot tell you much I love how all my documents now look. I have even added my domain to Dubsado so the client portal has my domain attached to it which can be added to my own website. I have used my Canva skills to make my questionnaires, proposal, welcome pack look just stunning. Having all my forms, documents etc. all in my brand colours, fonts really does add that something special to your clients’ experience.

Automated Workflows.

This has to be my favourite thing about Dubsado, it lets you create automated workflows that do all them annoying time consuming repetitive tasks for you. You can set up a workflow to send out emails, send your contract out for signature. Your whole onboarding experience can be added to a workflow so you can make sure your client has all the important information they need. Dubsado ticks off each step as it works through your workflow so you can easily see what step in the process your client is at. If you have recurring invoices that need sending out to a client you can set these up so they send out automatically for you. Plus you can even set up a workflow to send them an email a month or even a year after you have stopped working with them to ask how they are doing or if they require any further assistance. Providing a brilliant client experience is so important when running a business and Dubsado definitely helps you provide that with automated workflows.

Contracts, Invoices and Proposals.

Dubsado make it easy to get your contracts signed so no more having to use a separate platform, you can do it all in one place.

Another great feature in Dubsado is the proposals, you can create a proposal for each service you offer, then when a client expresses an interest you can automatically send out the proposal. Proposals come with several tabs, first tab allows you to show your package of service, then the potential client can click through to the next tab to view the contract and sign it. The last tab will take them to the invoice where they can pay. This not only saves you time but your clients time too because it cuts down on the amount of emails resulting in a quicker more efficient onboarding experience.

Client Portal

Client Portals are great feature, as well as being super useful especially for service industries like mine. In your onboarding workflow you can set it to activate a client portal for your client, and have an email with the login details sent to the client. Then all the important documents will be stored in there for your client to view, the contract, welcome pack, invoices stuff like that but also your client can create task lists for you, just like a Trello board. You can upload documents or social media graphics for example for your clients to approve so make sure you make use of this brilliant feature.

Project timer

Being a VA, I work by the hour so I use a timer to time when I am working on a clients project so I can invoice only for the time I am working and guess what Dubsado as a timer also, which is so amazing. You can time your tasks then bill your client at the end of the month.

Dubsado truly is the ultimate all-in-one platform that once you start using it, you will wonder how you coped without it.


Dubsado is definitely cheaper than people think because in GBP it only works out to be approximately £25 per month (at the time I wrote this blog) and if you pay annually its works out even cheaper especially when you use my promo code. Plus remember you only need to pay if you have more than 3 clients since it is free for life for the first 3 clients.

Use my promo code to get 20% off.

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If you would like any help setting your Dubsado account up then please do get in touch.

Get your FREE Dubsado Set up Checklist here:

Also, check out my stunning Dubsado Workflow Planner here:

Heidi - Virtual Assistant

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