Benefits of Dudsado Workflows

Updated: Apr 8

The benefits Dubsado workflows have on small businesses are huge, not only can they save you time but money too. Having your processes automated benefits you as well as your business by providing you with the confidence that your clients are receiving a first class services while making you look professional and efficient. The good news is that it can definitely save you money due to not needing to have a number of different platforms for onboarding, since Dubsado can do it all for you, it definitely saved my business money. Plus if you set up your affiliate code, display it and pass it to any new Dubsado users then you can also earn money from it. I've earned over $500 in the last few months using my code so make sure you create and display yours. Well, back to the wonderful world of workflows and how they can help you.

Firstly, they can help you create a perfect onboarding process that will be consistent and most importantly one that works, either by creating and planning your workflow yourself or by hiring someone who can help you with your planning and build plus test your workflows for you.

Before using Dubsado Workflows, I would struggle after that first initial call with the potential client to find the time to write out the proposal, then add the contract into a signature platform to send out for signature, then write the endless emails remembering to attach all the information, remembering whether I sent the invoice or the contract etc.. Now I just end the call and pop into Dubsado, personalise my proposal email then hit 'approve' and the workflow does the rest for me, and I can carry on working on my other clients work with confidence that my new potential client is receiving all the information they require along with my contract and invoice if they wish to go ahead with my services.

Workflows are also super amazing for offboarding clients. How many times do you forget to follow up with your previous very happy client, who would have been more than happy to give you a 5* review but you forgot to contact them. I have set up a great workflow to keep my previous clients happy so that they receive a Thank you for working with me email, a referral information email, a request for feedback and then I set up an email to check in on the client in a few months' time to make sure they are ok, making sure I keep the relationship going which then results in them recommending me to their business contacts.

Here is an example of part of my offboarding workflow:

By using a workflow like this, your previous clients will feel valued and will more likely to send you over a review or add one to LinkedIn for you.

Within workflows you can create 'to-do' lists to be added to your task board which is really handy if you need to remember something, you can even ask Dubsado to email you when you need to complete the task.

If you are a business that needs to send out information to your client every two weeks or need to have a client book a call with you a month into working together, having these automated can be such a relief because there is nothing worse than forgetting to send out an important part of what the client is paying you for because you missed a reminder in your calendar.

Workflows offer endless opportunities to improve your processes, so if you fancy help planning the process for your business, I would love to help you or if you are looking to build a workflow yourself, my next blog will include tips on how best to build your workflow and remember to grab your FREE Dubsado Setup Checklist.

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Remember to keep an eye out for my next blog for advice on building your workflows.

Heidi - Client Experience Strategist/ VA

Creative Edge VA Ltd

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