Benefits of having a great Offboarding Process?

Did you know that having a great offboarding process for your clients is just as important as having an onboarding process?

Most small business owners don't even think about an offboarding process even if they have spend time and money creating a brilliant first class client journey for their onboarding and you may think why spend ages on past clients especially when you are struggling to manage your time plus have provided a good service to that client.

There are many benefits of keeping in touch and nurturing your past clients as well as the new and here are just a few of them benefits:

  • Repeat business - keeping in touch with previous clients means you will be first in their mind when they require your service again and will be less likely to go to your competitor instead or that newbie offering the same services for half the price.

  • Referrals - a recommendation from an ex-client is the best type of advertising, making sure you offer a great referral scheme to your past clients will encourage them to recommend you to friends and colleagues plus in the business group on social media which will result in boosting your profile.

  • Reviews/Testimonials - small businesses run on great reviews so having a great offboarding process reminds you to ask for that all important review because it is so easy to forget.

  • Reputation - providing a good client journey even to your past clients makes them feel special and cared about, instead of feeling they were just a number so this makes them think highly of you and your business which as a result leaves only positive thoughts in their mind regarding your business.

  • Relationships - creating great relationships with your ideal clients, other business owners in the same industry only helps build your business and your profile which as a result benefits your business.

Before I built an offboarding workflow in Dubsado, I was forever forgetting to email previous clients to ask if they would be kind enough to write me a review/testimonial, which resulted in me losing out on many. Even though I would promise myself to keep in touch, I even set up reminders in my calendar but I always forgot due to other commitments and lack of time. This is why I just love Dubsado, it gave me an opportunity to create a offboarding workflow to automate all the steps I needed. From the client leaving and for months after I have set up a step-by-step process so that my previous clients all receive the same level of service. From sending out a Feedback form, to asking for a testimonial, and having emails set up with a referral scheme also a few emails to check in to see how they are getting on. With all this automated, there is no extra work from me, apart from the initial set up, and I will never forget now so Dubsado is just the perfect tool to use.

If you would like to know more about why I love Dubsado, check out my recent blog on 'Benefits Dubsado bring to your Business'

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