50 Tasks I can do in an hour

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Do you have a list of tasks that take up a chunk of your day that you would love someone else do for you? This is what a Virtual Assistant is ideal for, we do the jobs you dislike and that take you away from customer/client work.

Many small business owners do not realise how cheap a Virtual Assistant would be to hire or what tasks they can help with, so I have made a list of 50 tasks that I can do in a hour or under. That means for the cost of £29.00 per hour I can take these jobs off your hands.

For under £30. I can perform these tasks for you in an hour or under:

  1. Mail Merge, print, envelope stuff and post 100 letters.

  2. Create and send an email campaign informing your client of a new sale or new product.

  3. Data Entry - Input all your business cards into a data base for you.

  4. Schedule appointments with clients.

  5. Type a 15 minute Audio report and proofread it.

  6. Create a Social Media business page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest).

  7. Convert a word document into PDF.

  8. Research travel times, availability & prices of a business or private trip.

  9. Follow up with clients/customers with a Thank you email/card to add that personal touch to your business.

  10. Organise your filing system (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc)

  11. Proofread content from your website, proposals, marketing materials etc.

  12. Input your expenses onto Sage, Oracle , Xero, FreeAgent, Quickbooks, Excel Spreadsheet or any other account program.

  13. Chase outstanding invoices.

  14. Create an invoice template for your business.

  15. Create a spreadsheet for your accounts to suit your business needs.

  16. Create a timesheet to suit your business and set up automatic email reminders to be sent out.

  17. Arrange for your contracts to be emailed for digital signature.

  18. Copy type 6 pages of text from hard copy/PDF

  19. Source suitable venues to hold your meeting/training course/away day.

  20. Organise catering for your business meeting/training course/away day/social event.

  21. Write content and design graphics plus schedule posts for your social media pages.

  22. Research the right Hashtags for your business.

  23. Formatting documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets.

  24. Design a client enquiry/questionnaire form.

  25. Write a how-to guide.

  26. Set up google calendar and import all your appointments.

  27. Create a Powerpoint presentation.

  28. Type up your blog.

  29. Publish your blog and add graphics.

  30. Design a survey for your clients.

  31. Send your clients a personal letter.

  32. Find quotes and order supplies.

  33. Chase your suppliers.

  34. Design a business flyer or business card.

  35. Arrange to have your advertising flyer printed and distributed in your local area.

  36. Filter and reply to comments on your social media pages.

  37. Monitor your social media messages to ensure that new clients are not missed.

  38. Preparation of training materials.

  39. Create a Tool Box Talk form.

  40. Gather necessary site paperwork into a folder and emailed to the sub-contractor so he/she has everything to hand when they arrive on site.

  41. Make sure you have all the correct Health & Safety documentation in place.

  42. Set up reminders in your calendar of important renewal dates so that you never forget when to renew your CSCS card etc.

  43. Arrange site induction courses.

  44. Sort through CV and schedule the interviews.

  45. Set up a monthly newsletter.

  46. Brand all your paperwork with your logo.

  47. Input email addresses on to your CRM database.

  48. Arrange for your company vehicles to be MOT'd and services.

  49. Research a competitor.

  50. Organise your email account, by setting up rules and folders.

You can hire me for as little as an hour to do any of the tasks above so if you would like to discuss your admin requirement with me then please click 'Book a Call' to schedule a time for me to call you.

Heidi - Virtual Assistant

Creative Edge VA Ltd

To find out what benefits hiring a Virtual Assistant can being to your business please have a read of my blog 'Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant'

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