Social Media - 5 ways a Virtual Assistant can help

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Nowadays Social Media is a vital tool for any small business, regardless of the industry you are in. It is a great way to interact with your customers/clients, as well as attracting new ones and if your social media is out-of-date or non-existent then you could be losing out, this is why making sure your social media business pages are up-to-date is so important.

It could be that you just do not have the time or you just cannot think of anything to post so hiring a Virtual Assistant like me, is a great way to make sure your social media business pages work for you. Having all your social media up-to-date will help you gain followers plus it will help make sure you never miss that all important message which could turn into a new customer/client.

Do you see all these Virtual Assistants' including me offering to help you with your Social Media but are ensure how we can help, well here are 5 ways how:

  1. Social Media Graphics - having eye-catching graphics on your posts is a great way to make someone stop scrolling to look at your post but designing graphics can be time consuming so this is why it is one of the most popular tasks to outsource. Being a Virtual Assistant I have the experience and time to design them for you, using apps like Canva, Mojo, breakout clips and a few others. With each platform needing a different size graphic, a Facebook video will need to be resized to suit Instagram Stories for example it is just a time consuming task for someone who is not use to doing it all the time. Even though I am happy spending hours on end in Canva I know many people hate it so let me do what I love so you do not have too.

  2. Scheduling - another popular task which is outsourced to me regularly, is to schedule posts, typing them all up and scheduling each post to go out at the best times. Searching through your business page insights to work out when your followers/potential customers are most likely going to be online. Personally, I prefer to use Facebooks' own scheduler for this task because firstly, it is free and secondly, I believe that Facebook will prioritise posts scheduled via their own brand rather than using a third party scheduler, aiding with the reach of the post so I always schedule Facebook & Instagram via Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio. Other social media platforms i.e. Twitter or Pinterest for example you can use Buffer / Hootsuite / TweetDeck / Canva and many others. Some of these are free and some chargeable. Using the right scheduler with help with that all important social media algorithms you will have heard about.

  3. Content Writing & Repurposing - The hardest part of posting regularly is thinking 'what on earth can I post' so when you hire a Virtual Assistant to help with your posting, I will look at the events like holidays / 'National Days' which are coming up through the month plus if anything is happening in the news or anything that would be good to post about and using all of the information gathered I will create a social media planner for the month ahead especially to suit you. Also I can repurpose your old posts by sprucing them up to give them a second showing, this is great for blog posts. Maybe you have an idea of a post but do not have a clue how to word it for social media then let me write them for you.

  4. Hashtag research - Hashtags are so important because using hashtags can double even quadruple your reach on a post so researching the right ones for your business is important and making sure you change them regularly to keep them working for you.

  5. Engagement - Engagement is also very important because without engagement your business page will not gain the right type of followers. Yes you can do the 'follow by follow' posts you see in many business groups on Facebook but these followers will not buy from you or carry on engaging on your posts in the future, most of them will 'like' your page then unfollow because they are playing the numbers game to gain the most amount of ‘likes’. The followers you need and want are followers that will interact with your posts, people who are interested in your product or services and will one day potentially purchase or hire your service. You are better off with 10 of these followers than 1,000 of the other type of followers so this is why engagement is key. You can hire a Virtual Assistant to post beautiful posts every day but you then ignore your followers DMs or comments then all your efforts will be pointless so make sure you or someone else engages for at least 15 minutes a day.

If you feel you could benefit from some assistance with your social media business pages then why not book a call with me today so we can have a no obligation consultation call to discuss if I can help you.

Heidi - Virtual Assistant

Creative Edge VA Ltd

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